Back to my blog!

I’m back! Facebook No More! Twitter owns!

Why? because I think blog is something I like much much more than facebook.. for now..

Facebook is good but it’s kinda.. too public -_- ( I know it’s my own fault that it’s too public ) Ton of ppl in friend list that I’ve never talked to. Someone else wall post that I don’t really need to know about their stuffs.

So later on, I decided to stay more on Twitter (@lovelyja) since less people follow me ( yeah! I can tweet anything I want to say ) and I just follow someone who I need to know their information.

For example, I follow some famous IT blogger such as.. @markpeak from blognone, @lewcpe (I think he didn’t accept my request yet), @nuuneoi @iGimme @bluemoko from Droidsans. and others. yeah yeah there is still my friends on twitter, (Aom, Note, Am and others) It isn’t much as Facebook but who need tons of friends if we even don’t know who are they :D

And the most important thing is that I’m free to say anything here because it’s my blog!! I don’t have to care if my wall will disturb someone else timeline or something like that anymore.



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