Suspend WoW account!

I’ve just stopped refill my World of Warcraft account!

yeah, it’s too tried to work till midnight and come back home to raid, otherwise i’ll lost another one day of subscribe without playing.

just stop it then! until they have something more exciting or I’ve more time to play… that’s one reason.

another reason is, there is not competitive as much as we got in last expansion.. more than a half of raid just come and do whatever they want. only few raiders research, find information how to improve themselves. players who’s top meter always be the same. players who’ve never thought to improve always be the same, too. that makes the game even boring. just spam keyboard and you’re better than a half of raid even you use gear from 10-man raid.

Ps. sorry for about late update, i don’t have much time these days. Many things come in my mind but i’ll try to update them later.

Ps.2 Minzer is not a warlock anymore… now… she’s hunting Wyverns!! (Monster Hunter Tri)

Ps.3 sorry again for someone that think just a few seconds that i’m going to stop playing game.. it’s impossible!


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