I just take a japanese class! @ j-education last saturday !! (but i don’t have mood to update cuz my wound after surgery hurt so much -_- )

there are about 17 persons in my class, many of them are younger than me.. but “many” doesn’t mean everyone! there is still someone “seem” to older than me! haha

first class is about a hiragana ひらがな characters (if i type japanese wrong then sorry since i can type but still can’t read -_- )

almost everyone seem to know hiragana already in the first time.. hey? there are more than thai characters -_- why almost of them already had basic japanese.. it seems a bit pressure for me to follow them – – since after a class what i can remember is ” a i u e o ” -_-

so, i try my best to remember them when i’m free -_- ( lunch break, on bus, blabla ) and now! i’m only able to remember half of them.. lol

ppl that know i’m taking this class always asked ” Why do you take this class ? ”

Why ? becuz i’m otaku ? no no.. even it’s the fact but i can’t answer something like that – -‘  it’ll cuz a chain combo question such as ” What’s otaku ? ”  ” What’s anime ? ” and so on.

hope  i can follow everyone in the class!

Ps. thanks for reading, i’ll try to update as much as i can with my little free time!

Ps.2 the image below is Kagamine Rin, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len (left to right)

Miku, Rin, Len Figure


7 Responses to “J-Education!?”

  1. Jan Says:

    i see sailor uniform…..


    have fun with ur jap class xD

  2. Mike Says:

    Fight to! Kamenrider

  3. tehxman Says:


  4. leondevil Says:

    su su na jaa


    Hatsune Miku is so cute !!!!

  5. Zigid Says:


  6. Rarehunter Says:

    ฮ่าๆ ไปยิงมุข ใครขายไข่ไก่ กับ ไหมใหม่ไม่ไหม้ ใช่ไหม ให้คนญี่ปุ่น ถึงกะชอคทีเดียว

    ไหมใหม่ไม่ไหม้ ใช่ไหม

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