I just listen to this song and want to share it.. Its name is.. Kokoro.

This song is sung by Kagamine Rin (girl) and Kagamine Len (boy). they are vocaloid. if you don’t know wth is vocaloid, then visit the link below

“Who is Miku?”

And this is the song i refer to. (please watch in HD for high quality sound) Song is combination of Kokoro Len’s version and Rin’s version

** one on the top left is Kagamine Rin’s version and another one (bottom right) is Kagamine Len’s version.

The story of this song is.. Kagamine Len has lost her elder sister, Rin since he’s young.. then he become a scientist.. he try to create one robot as “Rin”. however there is still one thing missing.. thing that can’t be made.. “Kokoro” (ココロ means Mind/Heart).. he tried so hard but it’s still impossible..

Until his life come to an end.. he still can’t make it possible.. Rin has to live alone.. one year.. ten years.. or even a few hundred years passed..

At last.. a miracle has occurred..  her heart is beating..  that’s it.. Kokoro.. she now know what’s human feel.. she now know how to feel happy..  how to feel sad..  now she know why she’re here.. why she was born.. alone is sad.. but now she knows that she’s not alone..

thank you.. for giving me birth in this world.. thank you.. for the days we spent together.. thank you for everything you give me.. i’ll keep singing for you forever..

but.. miracle last only a moment.. Kokoro is too big for her.. the robot shorted.. and never moved again..

However.. her face was filled with a smile.. she looked like an angel now..

“Vocaloid may not be a human.. but I believe they have life.. they have ココロ!”

Ps. Rin is so cuteee!

Reference : [Moetron-Subs] Kagamine Rin – “Kokoro” (English Lyrics)


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3 Responses to “Kokoro..”

  1. aomiko Says:

    Hey dude, do you feel into it?!?

    ps. you are crazy


  2. TUN Says:

    Otakuism lol !!!

  3. JangJang Says:

    “Vocaloid may not be a human.. but I believe they have life..
    they have ココロ!” << Wow! I just understand why people love Vocaloid today.

    Lovin' It -^^

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