Ja, the Programmer

since, i don’t have a mood to update anything personal (such as how i feel these day) becuz i’m just back from work, fighting with damn traffic and successfully reached home. (sound epic?) then i’ll talk about my job :)

i’m programmer…

(i think everyone who read this blog know what the hell programmer is – -” what should i say then)

since i like java, i like programming. i think programming is some kind of game! it’s challenge! (but i’m not a God, i didn’t know everything, so i may can’t help with some senior project. :'( sorry about that.) after i’m graduated, i try to find a slot in programmer position of company that’s my friend suggest. he told me that, if i can’t get a job from all of them, he will treat me a pizza. where is it now ? may be god knows… :)

with some help of my TA (p’mek), i get a job @ KBank as java programmer start work from mid of May, bla bla bla and… I just pass probation last week!!! (don’t ask me about score of “on-time”) so, i’ll work here at least for next 20 months (according to contract)

so, my path with different from Mike now, i can’t leave and go to study aboard since there is a contract. hope Mike have a good day there, come back with Master’s degree, get a higher salary than everyone and don’t forget my pizza, ok? :)

after a wall of text, i have a picture of my new working desk! ( since my team just be moved in to a new room.. )

my desk

Ps. Izumi Konata over there!!!

Ps. 2 : sorry about banner, i can’t see any different with my LCD, but i think some may see that there is a bad texture @ under text, hope it fixed already.


8 Responses to “Ja, the Programmer”

  1. leondevil Says:

    Wish you are happy with your work


  2. aomikotaru Says:

    it looks simple as your life na..

  3. gentetun Says:

    it’s simple life style~ good, u can have some hobby :)

  4. iruka Says:

    graduated >> work >> salary

    come to treat me !!!!

    hope you have s nice day every second !!!!

  5. Mike Says:

    About that problematic pizza, at that time my condition was “IF YOU HAVE BEEN REJECTED FROM ALL THESE 4 COMPANIES (DSTi , IBMSD, REUTERS , ITONE) , I WILL PAY YOU FOR A PIZZA”.

    The fact is you just applied to only two of them (DSTi and ITOne ) before accepting job offered from KBANK ,so you have not met my requirement to get my pizza dude! (t-t).

    End for pizza’s story.

    Thank you for your blessing , I hope that my first goal is to graduating from that such super-heavyweight-and-hardcore university with no scars left on my body. Getting more salary should be the next Boss of this game.

    Finally , please enjoy Programmer life for me Chorn.

  6. Jan Says:

    can u write an auto-raid addon? to save my dying wow career *cries*

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