It’s about time?

i didn’t update blog for long time agooooo.

and i just don’t want to be free and let think about something fail in my life. so, it’s just about time to make a new one :)

and if i have time, (man, everyone has time but just lazy i know) i’ll try to update this blog :P



7 Responses to “It’s about time?”

  1. Mike Says:

    I feel very glad to be your first comment (on this blog).

    Please make sure that you will not treat this blog as your previous one.

  2. Jan (rarehuntress) Says:

    link me link me..

    hehe.. btw HI! xD

  3. aomiko Says:

    go go

  4. TUN Says:

    hmm…interesting, i feel that many of our friends love to tell their
    stories lately. so, come up with new story then, MOE-SAN :)
    (i’m a lazybone. my space and blog were abandon, muha!)

  5. lovelyja Says:

    MOE-SAN sound “really” much much better than sailor uniform-san lol

  6. Cid Says:

    WTB update :D

  7. Jan Says:

    hi lenus…

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